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Salt mining in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia.

I love trying salt from different places and this was great to see the salt mining in the Danakil Depression of Ethiopia. The salt has been being mined by the afar tribes by hand for centuries. It is the livlihood of the tribes and the camels transport it for three days in salt caravans to the markets. I don’t think it is exported at all as the Ethiopians tend to keep a lot of their good stuff for themselves! I..of course bought myself a big lump home!
At up to 100 metres below sea level the depression is officially the hotest and most inhospitable place on earth. Thankfully I was there in the “winter season” but to see how these people survive in the middle of nowhere in stick houses with miles to the nearest water source, constant wind, sand and heat is really something.

theresaSalt mining in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia.